PDF download: Resume.


In my most recent position, I was a Data Scientist at Vacasa where I was the primary data scientist working with the operations department. In my last few months I worked with our personalization team in Boise as well. My focus has been on developing all aspects that go into a successful data scientist; from rounding out my engineering skillset for model deployment, improving my public speaking, to finding opportunities for collaboration between teams, I enjoy any chance to challenge myself and go outside my comfort zone!


Vacasa 2017 - 2020

Data Scientist - 2018-2020
Analyst - 2017-2018
Analyst Intern - Summer 2017

During time as an analyst, I utilized my python skills to aid in automating data analysis as well as exploring owner churn. I worked closely with the operations department at this time and maintained those relationships when transitioning to data science.

While on the data science team, I worked on multiple projects with high impact for the company. I worked both with operations, digital, as well as core projects meant to help all members of the team/across all departments.

Unfortunately position was affected by COVID-19

University of Oregon Institute of Molecular Biology 2015 - 2017

Harms and Selker labs

Performing bioinformatics and programming work to help build out tools for data analysis.


Python, SQL, Git, Bash
Super basic HTML and CSS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Familiar With: Java, R, C++
Data Science
Pandas/GeoPandas, Dask, NumPy, Sci-kit Learn, Keras, OpenCV
AWS, GCP, Docker


BSc Biochemistry University of Oregon 2016

focus on chemistry, molecular biology, computer science

currently working towards filling CS gaps with university courses.
In progress: Discrete Math @ OSU
Planned (Fall 2020): Data Structures and Algorithms